We provide a wide range of sensors, receivers, cloud and mobile software to manage your tires.

INTIREs advanced cloud software monitors your tires and devices

INTIREs infrastructure monitoring verifies the integrity of the INTIRE network continuously to ensure all components are operational so you can rely on the alerts when they arise.


The INTIRE App gives you and your employees a comfortable way to keep track of your fleet via smartphone or tablet.

Most advanced TPMS Technology on the market

Broadest Sensor Design Portfolio in the Industry

INTIRE offers the broadest Sensor Design Portfolio for all types of Commercial Vehicles like Trucks, Trailers, Bus, Tractors, Port Equipment, Mining and Construction Vehicles to fit every customer’s requirements.

Best Sensor and Wireless Performance

Our Tire Pressure Sensors are build on the best engineered and produced components, produced to highest Automotive standards to achieve a superb Accuracy, Reliability and Communication Performance.

Most Modular Solution of the Industry

All TPMS Products are based on a building block and unified communication concept to offer to the customer a most modular solution that is perfectly tailored to the customer’s needs.

From Measurement to Management

Our TPMS Products are seamlessly integrated in the TireCheck Tire Management Solutions to offer an end-to-end service to the customers from Data Capturing, Processing, Storing, Analysing and Presenting to enable a truly successful Tire Management.

Fully Automated Sensor Production

✔ Automotive Production Process

✔ Reliabale Production for over 6 years

✔ Secured supply chain in Germany

✔ Fully automated Assembly Machine

100% Camera Inspection

Force and distance controlled Electronic Insertion

Controlled Battery Welding

Central Robot Handling

Vacuum Potting

100% End-of-Line Testing

RF Expertise

✔ Fully equipped RF Lab with Real Time Spectrum Analyzer, Oscilloscopes and dedicated RF Test Devices

✔ 10 year experience of designing transmitter and receiver antennas for TPMS systems to exceed market standards and FR ranges

✔ Best in class Transmitter and Receiver Antennas to support a reliable dat communication

Inside Tire

RF Loop Antenna
Bluetooth Chip Antenna

On Chassis

RF Patch Antenna
RF 3D-MID Antenna
Bluetooth Chip Antenna

On Gate

RF Patch Antenna
RF 3D-MID Antenna
3G 3D-MID Antenna