Waste Management

Reduce the impact of constant stop & start on your tires.

Waste Management

Waste management fleets have an important duty to protect the environment and the health of the local population.

Keep your waste management fleet on schedule by taking your digitalsation one step further to eliminate tire related breakdowns caused by constant stop and starts.

Maximise Fleet Utilization

Increasing populations mean an increase in the amount of waste produced per household. Fleets are needed to keep this under control.

Reduce Emissions

Your fleets tend to be operating in highly populated areas. Have confidence that your fleets are having a minimum impact on local pollution.

Focus On Waste Processing

Have peace of mind that your fleets are operating efficiently with minimum problems so the focus can be put on waste processing.

✔ Proven robustness with over than 6 years in the field

✔ Simplest and fasted assembly in the market

✔ Smallest and lightest Truck Sensors of the industry

✔ Automotive Quality production processes in Germany

Internal Strap mounted Sensor

for temperature compensated pressure measurements

External Valve mounted Sensor

for fastest deployments to fleets without tire demounting

Discover INTIRE

INTIRE Solutions

Overnight continuous monitoring of tire pressure is one of the best ways to eliminate tire failures.

Tire information is transmitted each time the vehicle passes a trigger loop on the entrance of your yard.

Daily pressure monitoring is easily captured at fueling, wash stations or exit to provide peace of mind.

Real-time on the road monitoring provides rapid leak detection to alert drivers & prevent blowouts.

INTIRE Use Cases

Learn how our technology works for our customers.

Kieler Verkehrsgesellschaft

Kieler Verkehrsgesellschaft

Kieler Verkehrsgesellschaft mbH ensures better cost calculation through INTIRE.

Holz Ziegler

Holz Ziegler

Holz Ziegler have better control over the fleet and eliminate breakdown service costs.

Reupke Transporte & Logistics

Reupke Transporte & Logistics

Reupke Transport & Logistics GmbH has managed to prevent accidents and redcue downtime significantly.