Reupke Transport & Logistics

Reupke Transport & Logistics has managed to prevent accidents and redcue downtime significantly. 

Reupke Transporte & Logistics

Located in Northern Germany, Reupke Transporte & Logistics specialise in transporting all kind of bulk goods.

The Fleet Manager Needed To:

  • Implement a tire management system for more than 80 trucks operating throughout Germany and neighboring countries.
  • Boost their guarantee on reliability towards customers with critical goods. 
  • Reduce frequently occurring punctures due to tire pressure problems and defective breaks.


  • Foreseeing creeping tire breakdowns in order to react in time.
  • Minimize the economic loss of fleet downtime.
  • Facilitate the work of drivers and the fleet manager.


  • INTIRE technology supplies tire pressure data as well as temperature data, which is of massive importance for Reupke as they transport extremely heavy loads.
  • The constant availability and uncomplicated cooperation from the technical support team.


  • High follow-up costs due to tire problems were almost completely avoided.
  • Relief of the own workshop.
INTIRE Solutions