Vehicle Manufacturers

Produced in Germany to meet the highest standards.

Original Equipment Manufacturers

The INTIRE patented commercial vehicle TPMS solutions
have a track record of high quality. 

OEMs need a TPMS partner that they can trust to work to the highest automotive standards
while providing a high quality solution.


Offer your customers a reliable and robust TPMS solution with a proven track record of high


INTIRE TPMS solutions have acquired approval in a large number of countries across the world with high standards.

Technical Support

The INTIRE technical support team are ready and available to assist your customers with any problems or queries that could arise.

✔ High accuracy at low tire pressures

✔ Fits to all agricultural wheels and valve sizes

✔ Flow-Through Valve Design

✔ Automotive Quality production processes in Germany

Install Sensors

INTIRE sensors are installed on your vehicles. Once activated each sensor will transmit the tire pressure every two minutes.

Measurements, no matter where

The telematic unit is mounted on the vehicle or trailer. This guarantees constant data transfer, even if you do not return to your garage regularly.

Immediate notification

Warnings are immediately being transmitted to the INTIRE App, your Desktop PC or to a display in the driver's cabin.

Discover INTIRE

INTIRE Solutions

Overnight continuous monitoring of tire pressure is one of the best ways to eliminate tire failures.

Real-time on the road monitoring provides rapid leak detection to alert drivers & prevent blowouts.

Kieler Verkehrsgesellschaft

Tire information is transmitted each time the vehicle passes a trigger loop on the entrance of your yard.

Tire pressure readings are captured while the vehicle is refueling or being washed.

INTIRE Use Cases

Learn how our technology works for our customers.

Kieler Verkehrsgesellschaft

Kieler Verkehrsgesellschaft

Kieler Verkehrsgesellschaft mbH ensures better cost calculation through INTIRE.

Holz Ziegler

Holz Ziegler

Holz Ziegler have better control over the fleet and eliminate breakdown service costs.

Reupke Transporte & Logistics

Reupke Transporte & Logistics

Reupke Transport & Logistics GmbH has managed to prevent accidents and redcue downtime significantly.