Tires with the wrong pressure wear out quickly & are costly to replace.


The terrain your vehicles drive over is not tire friendly.
When heavy loads are transported, tyre wear increases.

Onboard monitoring can allow for regular tire pressure adjustments as needed. These adjustments will protect from breakdowns.

Extend Tire Life

Tires for mining vehicles are expensive. Ensure you are getting the maximum value out of them with the help of INTIRE's onboard monitoring.

Reduce Costs

Onboard tire pressure monitoring with the INTIRE App will help to prevent costly breakdowns that could be avoided.

Monitor Tire Pressure

Use onboard monitoring to get real time updates on your tires as your vehicles load changes
throughout the day.

✔ Durable and Rugged Design for Harsh Environments

✔ Fits to wheels of any size and shape

✔ For up to 12 bar tire pressure

✔ Automotive Quality production processes in Germany

Internal Strap mounted Sensor

for temperature compensated pressure measurements

Internal Magnet mounted Sensor

for easy installation on big wheels

External Valve mounted Sensor

for fastest deployments to fleets without tire demounting

Discover INTIRE

INTIRE Solutions

Overnight continuous monitoring of tire pressure is one of the best ways to eliminate tire failures.

Real-time on the road monitoring provides rapid leak detection to alert drivers & prevent blowouts.

Tire information is transmitted each time the vehicle passes a trigger loop on the entrance of your yard.

Daily pressure monitoring is easily captured at fueling, wash stations or exit to provide peace of mind.

INTIRE Use Cases

Learn how our technology works for our customers.

Kieler Verkehrsgesellschaft

Kieler Verkehrsgesellschaft

Kieler Verkehrsgesellschaft mbH ensures better cost calculation through INTIRE.

Holz Ziegler

Holz Ziegler

Holz Ziegler have better control over the fleet and eliminate breakdown service costs.

Reupke Transporte & Logistics

Reupke Transporte & Logistics

Reupke Transport & Logistics GmbH has managed to prevent accidents and redcue downtime significantly.