Holz Ziegler

Holz Ziegler have better control over the fleet and eliminate breakdown service costs.

Holz Ziegler

Holz Ziegler is a regional operating transport company near the German-French border. Because their vehicles drive also on dirt roads, the tire seal is about 50% higher than in long-distance traffic.

The timber forwarding company needed to:

  • Introduce a more reliable tire pressure monitoring system, because the drivers did not carry out the manual check regularly.
  • Have better control due to high tire wear on regional routes.


  • Better and faster pressure measurements.
  • Cost savings, as drivers are paid by hour and do not have to additionally check tires.
  • Reduce fuel consumption.


  • Referred from a friend of the CEO from the tire industry.
  • User friendly software.
  • Recommendation by an industry expert.


  • Constantly optimize tire pressure, which is required on country roads and country lanes.
  • Significant cost savings, because breakdown costs are avoided.
  • Better planning and security.
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