INTIRE helps to protect your fields soil by simplifying your tire management.


Protect your soil by always maintaining the optimum tire pressure for the terrain your vehicles are travelling across. 

When your tires are under the optimum pressure fuel is wasted and wear is increased.
Driving across agricultural land with the wrong tire pressure can result in
unwanted soil compaction and reduced crop yields.

Increase Productivity

Keep your farming vehicles in operation by proactively maintaining the optimum tire pressure throughout their work schedule.

Protect Your Soil

Keeping your tires at the correct tire pressure will protect your tires and your soil quality, helping you maximise the potential yield.

Constant Monitoring

The INTIRE App allows for a real time insight into tire pressure status so you can proactively prescribe adjustments to your tires.

✔ High accuracy at low tire pressures

✔ Fits to all agricultural wheels and valve sizes

✔ Flow-Through Valve Design

✔ Automotive Quality production processes in Germany

Internal Strap mounted Sensor

for temperature compensated pressure measurements

External valve mounted sensor

for easy installation on standard valves

External Valve mounted Sensor

for easy installation on large bore valves

Discover INTIRE

INTIRE Solution Agricultural Vehicles

Real-time on the road monitoring provides rapid leak detection to alert drivers & prevent blowouts.

INTIRE Use Cases

Learn how our technology works for our customers.

Kieler Verkehrsgesellschaft

Kieler Verkehrsgesellschaft

Kieler Verkehrsgesellschaft mbH ensures better cost calculation through INTIRE.

Holz Ziegler

Holz Ziegler

Holz Ziegler have better control over the fleet and eliminate breakdown service costs.

Reupke Transporte & Logistics

Reupke Transporte & Logistics

Reupke Transport & Logistics GmbH has managed to prevent accidents and redcue downtime significantly.